Recycling collection suspended

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6 Responses to Recycling collection suspended

  1. Honey Buzzard says:

    I wonder if the option of alternate weeks of black bin / blue bin has been considered? Please could Abbey’s councillors advocate for this suggestion?

  2. Bob says:

    I’d favour that (although it might involve renegotiating a contract with Serco) because sending two vehicles out belching fumes out isn’t helpful. However, given the social media comments @bout missing ONE week’s recycling, I dread to think what switching to a fortnight collection would be like.

    • Mike Westwood says:

      Given the levels of council tax that people have to pay, there mustn’t be any degradation of service outside an emergency and certainly no long-term reduction of bin collection. Too many people don’t pay to use council services with many not having THEIR name on a council tax bill. The council tax needs replacing with a fairer tax that everyone pays depending on income or benefits.

      • Bob says:

        I think Mrs Thatcher proposed a similar idea of a local tax which proved so massively unpopular she was driven from office, so I can’t see anyone rushing to do that again. Let me stress, there are no proposals to permanently reduce collections – although given similar levels of council tax many of our neighbouring authorities do fortnightly collections or charge extra for garden waste recycling.

  3. Andrew S. says:

    Hi Bob , I can’t see needing renegotiation of contracts with Serco. Though two vehicles may be used for different purposes, they would not be out at the same time. In other words (simplifying a month to 4 weeks)…

    Weeks 1 and 3 – black bins collected.
    Weeks 2 and 4 – recycling collected.

    Therefore even if 50 percent of waste collection staff were on leave, sick, self isolating, both types of waste could be collected. Bear in mind that Food Waste collections have already been abandoned since Covid19. So unless Sandwell has reduced it’s contracts with Serco, there is already some additional capacity?

    Anyone else have any bright ideas?

  4. localvoter01 says:

    Rather than considering altering the bin collection frequency why not get the bins collection using electric vehicles. I for one would not vote for a reduce bin collection as this will lead to black bags being left out or dumped and maybe a greater call on your pest control services. The one question I put to you is if you reduce the collection are you going to reduce our rates for half the service?

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