Fred Jeffs – the sweetshop murder

In the days before COVID (remember them) Black Country Touring theatre company put on an event at Thimblemill library about an unsolved murder in Quinton in the 1950s. It’s a true story and the series is presented by the great nephew of Fred Jeffs, the victim.

They are now working on a Podcast around the events of the time. The story ranges across Bearwood, Smethwick and up to Sandwell Valley. Graeme Rose the presenter, has interviewed dozens of people who were around at the time and their voices feature in the podcast series. It is a fascinating series which despite the dark subject mater at its heart is about so much more – how people remember events, how certain events are fixed on by young brains (most of the people Graeme interviewed were children at the time and are in their 70s and 80s now), how we view the past – and can you solve a murder 63 years after it has happened?

It’s an interesting story with lots of local interest and there’s a link on their web page with all the episodes on it here Fred Jeffs – The Sweetshop Murder and for a quick taster – so you can get a flavour of what it’s like – in this trailer

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