Consultation on banning pavement parking

Parking on pavements could be banned across England under government plans to ease journeys for disabled people and parents pushing prams.

The practice is banned in London but elsewhere in the country it is only prohibited for lorries.

The Department for Transport (DfT) is consulting on three options in relation to pavement parking: extending the London-style ban nationwide, making it easier for councils to prohibit pavement parking and giving councils the power to fine offenders.

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6 Responses to Consultation on banning pavement parking

  1. Peter Tay says:

    It should have been illegal years ago

  2. Tony Murphy says:

    Just had a problem getting up the north side/shop pavement of Hagley Rd due to parked cars. Note that large area of parking is available on adjacent warehouses.

  3. philip freakley says:

    great get cars & cyclists off the pavement

  4. Brian wood says:

    Gets my full support just need extra PCSOs to support it.

  5. Paul Westwood says:

    Parking on pavements can be a problem… but perhaps Sandwell need to reconsider the ongoing fiasco of the new cycle path and 24 hour bus lane between Galton Bridge and Rolfe Street station… The queue of traffic is now horrendous since the dual carriageway was cut to one lane…. A total waste of money with no consultation that will increase traffic emissions with less than a handful of cyclists using it.

    • Caroline Wilson says:

      Agree…Spending money on poorly thought out measures is a waste of money. For weeks, the so called cycle lane hasn’t been used and is causing terrible congestion both along the route in both directions and on local side roads. It is an appalling white elephant that has been left abandoned. People aren’t happy. Someone at Sandwell Council does need to be held accountable.

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