The tip is now open…

…but be prepared to queue

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3 Responses to The tip is now open…

  1. John Holland says:

    Hi Bob Could you please find out if our green waste collection for Beakes Road and surrounding area is still going to take place. The bins have been outside since Friday awaiting collection and l had heard they were going to work on Saturday to catch up but still no show Thanks. Sorry for this early morning message but cant sleep worrying about bins ha ha

    • Bob says:

      John, the demand has been overwhelming and with staff shortages due to some having to self isolate they are struggling to keep up. Ours was the same on the last cycle, they should have come Friday but came on Monday.

  2. Mike Westwood says:

    Yes, unfortunately some services haven’t been available that we pay for.

    Will our council tax come down as I think it’s far too high. The burden seems to fall on the few who have their names on the bill rather than everyone who uses council services. Perhaps a local income tax?

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