Climate Change and Air Quality Consultation

Sandwell Council have produced a draft Climate Change Strategy and draft Air Quality Action Plan and it is out to consultation for eight weeks starting on the 20th January 2020. As part of this process we are holding some evening events in schools for the general public to attend. For the Smethwick area the consultation will be on Wednesday 12th February  at Crocketts Community Primary School Smethwick.

The consultation event will run from 5.45pm-7.30pm and will involve a short presentation, some exercises and the potential to ask questions, give ideas and feedback. The key part of the consultation will be an online survey that we will be encouraging everyone to use but we will also be collating  information from these face-to-face events.

Please feel free to share and invite others along to this event, we look forward to seeing you there.

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7 Responses to Climate Change and Air Quality Consultation

  1. Mike Westwood says:

    Until all councils in the area and Government invest in real transport infrastructure in Birmingham and Sandwell then the real problems arent being tackled… busses are just a fig leaf (the hagley road is littered with them). Why isnt the new metro being built up to Bearwood and Quinton? Are Sandwell council campaigning for this? Or is the answer… shrug shoulders, blame everyone else and introduce another green tax?

    • Bob says:

      Feed that in to the consultation Mike, that’s the purpose of it

      • Mike Westwood says:

        Will do… I feel quite passionate about proper transport infrastructure since moving into the area. Compared to other major European cities it is poor. I was shocked to find out how difficult it was to get to Galton Bridge rail station from Bearwood the other day..

      • Bob says:

        True Mike, we need buses back in public ownership and run for people, not profit for shareholders.

  2. Mike Westwood says:

    Yes … agreed… and campaign to get that Metro upto Bearwood… a major population area currently with no trains or Metro 🙂

  3. Mike Westwood says:

    The online survey actually turned out to be very disappointing… the questions based around a set council / consultant agenda … taxing business for car spaces is a tax on business? Unfortunately, I’ve seen nothing from local councillors (outside Abbey Ward) in both Birmingham and Sandwell campaigning for the metro to extend from five ways out via Bearwood and Quinton to a park and ride near M5J3. Basically the best seems more busses (such as Sprinter busses) and no real transport infrastructure.

    • Bob says:

      With the Mayoral elections coming up Mike, that would be a really good question for the candidates. It would be something within the Mayor’s remit for strategic transport investment.

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