The Any Book Bookclub

In January, the Any Book Bookclub will be meeting for the fourth time. We normally meet on the second Tuesday of the month, at 7.30pm at Thimblemill library. As the name suggests, instead of having a single book that everyone reads and which is then discussed, I would like to invite you to come along and share one book you read recently that you really loved. There are no rules as to what that  could be, any genre is allowed and indeed welcomed. So whether you like to curl up with some romance, the latest spy thriller, the most lauded award winning book, memoir, science fiction, fantasy…. it does not matter. Share it with us, you may hold to key to someone else’s next favourite read.

I truly believe that every book has its reader and I love hearing people talk about the books they love. There are no good and bad books, just books that are enjoyed by some but maybe not by others. If you got the book in physical form bring it along, otherwise, the title and authors name, (maybe a screenshot of the cover on your mobile phone) will do. Each member is invited to briefly introduce their book, what it is about and most importantly why they liked it, what made it special for them. And then other members can ask questions.

After each meeting, I will post all the introduced books on the Facebook page (, so you can check up the title. It will create a nice little snapshot – hopefully – of what Bearwood is reading. Naturally, you don’t have to live in Bearwood to attend.  



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