A State of Independence

I read a terrific book earlier this year called Prisoners of Geography, which showed through a series of 10 maps how political developments are often constrained by the geography of the regions. Chapters on Russia, China, India and Pakistan, and Latin America gave a different and quite fascinating perspective on historical events.

Well, in a major scoop for Bearwood, the author, Tim Marshall will be at the excellent Why Not Cafè on Bearwood Road this Sunday (November 11th), at 11am. Talking about his work, and particularly his new book, Divided: Why we’re living in an age of walls. His books have sold over over 1 million copies worldwide and we’re wondering how he will fit all of those fans into Why Not!

After a career spanning the BBC and Sky News, Tim stepped back to concentrate on his writing career and his independent international affairs analysis site, TheWhatandTheWhy.com.

Divided: Why we’re living in an age of walls was published by Simon and Schuster earlier this year and received much critical acclaim. We love his calm delivery of sometimes unpalatable news and when talking live, about his career and books he is a compelling raconteur.

We are seeing walls being built along borders everywhere. Despite globalization and advances in technology, we seem to be feeling more divided than ever. Thousands of miles of walls and fences have gone up around the world in the twenty-first century. At least 65 countries, more than a third of the world’s nation states, have built barriers along their borders; half of those erected since the Second World War sprang up between 2000 and now.”

Why Not Cafe

594 Bearwood Road

Sunday November 11th


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1 Response to A State of Independence

  1. Why Not says:

    Hi bob

    How your well FYI

    I believe it is starting at 11.15 as it Remembrance Sunday

    It show respect for the fallen

    Why not coffee


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