Community unite for 3rd procession of light

Bearwood Action for Refugees and We are Bearwood are hosting the third annual community Procession of Light in Warley Woods on Saturday 20 October, 6pm.  Following the successful and popular events of the past two years, the community of Bearwood will be coming together once again to spread messages of hope, solidarity, friendship and welcome.  In partnership with We Are Bearwood and Near Neighbours all are welcome to join the procession uniting families, community groups and those of different faiths for a torch-lit walk through the woods.  
Meeting at The Fountain at 6pm, bearing torches to light their way, the procession will make its way to The Pavillion where it will culminate.  Representatives from all faiths will be present and faith leaders from the Abrahamic Foundation and a local church along with a poet from Writers Without Borders will speak on the importance of friendship, welcome and hope within our local community.  We also welcome Brandhall Community Choir who will perform a selection of songs.


In the lead up to Diwali, the procession’s symbolism will be manifold.  Smethwick Craftivistas are holding workshops, funded by Near Neighbours, with a number of different community groups in the run up to the event. They have also created a tutorial that people can use to make their own torch lantern at home to project their very own messages and light pictures into the twilight that can be downloaded from   At the culmination of the procession, torch beams, light pictures and messages will join together to create an installation of light.

A free lantern-making workshops run by the Smethwick Craftivistas will take place 4.30 – 5.30pm in Warley Woods Pavillion prior to the procession, for those wanting to make their own torch lantern.  If schools and groups want to discuss how they can get more involved they can e-mail

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