Who is dealing with this criminality?

Over the last few weeks, on this page and in my mailbox, there have been loads of complaints about late night/early hours disturbances. Cars revving, handbrake turns, screaming tyres, shouting and screaming, usually near bars…The Pheasant, Sion Bar, The George and the former Queens Head have all been mentioned in the last couple of weeks.

We raised this directly with the police last week, and asked what was being done in response to the complaints. The answer was…not much! There are just not enough police. 

Apparently, the response teams at West Bromwich deal with this type of incident after midnight, and they are run off their feet dealing with violent incidents and domestic violence, and there appears to be little hope of anyone coming out to deal with this sort of intimidatory anti-social behaviour. In fact, the police view was that if you want to complain, ring 101, (health warning: don’t hold your breath whilst dialling) but also, write to the Chief Superintendent and tell him. 

So, ok… here’s his e-mail address…let him know! Richard Baker via r.baker@west-midlands.pnn.police.uk

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2 Responses to Who is dealing with this criminality?

  1. vivcole says:

    Nice one Bob.


  2. Mike Westwood says:

    True Bob.

    The plans for entertainment until the early hours of the morning at Avery Sports Ground on Sandon Road will only add to the problem.

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