Building Relationships

Building Relationships by Susie Pottinger. Performed by Angela Harvey

A play Exploring isolation, grief, depression, love, hope and family.

‘Rita takes in laundry from her neighbours in a block of flats. As she tackles each new load she chats to her husband in the next room and we find out about these people she would never normally have come into contact with and how they have slowly but surely become a part of her life’.

Remote Goat awarded the show 5 stars

“[Rita’s] one-sided conversation with her off-stage husband gradually transforms into a moving work of intense beauty, encapsulating profound truths about the state of the nation and the human condition.’

“Susie Pottinger has captured a perfect sliver of hope in a theatrical landscape populated by vogue despair. This small, contained, beautifully observed story of communal survival says far more about the state of the nation, far more elegantly, than most plays written by better known playwrights over the last decade.”

Tuesday 20th February 6.30pm (Doors open 6pm)

Tickets £6

Moor Pool Hall, 

37 The Circle, 

Harborne, Birmingham, B17 9DY

Tickets via:

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