A belated “Happy New Year” message…

The team at We Are Bearwood have been working behind the scenes on a few things – including planning for Bearwood Street Festival 2019.  Read all about what they are going to be up to this year and next and how to get in touch if you want to be a part of it: http://www.wearebearwood.org/blog/happy-new-year-from-we-are-bearwood/ 

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2 Responses to A belated “Happy New Year” message…

  1. J Westwood says:

    Excellent new that funding has been secured… . but Im still in a state of shock that Sandwell are going for another 5 percent inflation busting increase on the council tax. Dreadful news for those who actually have to pay the tax…. and even as a Labour voter say its far too easy to blame central government. Perhaps its time to bring back a poll tax so everyone pays.

    • Bob says:

      It easy to blame central government, because that is why the increase is as it is. They have reduced funding for adult social care and transferred that bill on to the council tax payers. So, as a council you either raise the council tax, or reduce social care to the elderly (much of which is mandatory) or make massive cuts elsewhere to pay for social care provision.

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