Property closed after ASB reports

Dudley Magistrates’ Court granted a closure notice on a property in St. Mary’s Road, Bearwood on 29/09/2017 using powers under the Antisocial Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 following numerous complaints from local residents over the last few months of significant incidents of antisocial behaviour including drug user, prostitution and public nuisance.

The closure notice is effective immediately and valid for one month until the existing occupant leaves or risks being sent to prison. Local residents have expressed their delight with the news. The premises in question was a magnet for ASB and caused a great deal of distress to all those concerned. PC GILL of Smethwick NHPT said: “We will not tolerate those who hide behind closed doors and are committed to making the lives of others a misery.”

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14 Responses to Property closed after ASB reports

  1. Ufosmithy says:

    Talking of property I see the empty shops top of bearwood are up for auction in October thank god,also can anyone confirm whispers about a aqua pool for the commonwealth games been built in smethwick,I have heard it may be gkn social club on the land up for sale ???????

    • Bob says:

      Yes, hopefully good news on the shops. There will be a new pool for Smethwick, with or without the Games I think, but no decision on site has been made until the Council’s Cabinet make a firm decision to proceed.

  2. Stefan says:

    Great news Bob. It’s fortunate these things are relatively rare. I wonder if this was rented out by an unscrupulous landlord? I’m not sure how much the law makes them accountable but it’s something I’d like to see more onus out onto. A rented house is a business at the end of day.

  3. Ufosmithy says:

    Could someone confirm if the land at avries on sandon road comes under Sandwell council or Birmingham council ??

  4. Ufosmithy says:

    So …..pray tell ????

    • Bob says:

      There are at least a couple of sites being considered but it wouldn’t be fair on the current owners to reveal details whilst negotiations are taking place.

  5. Jane says:

    Some landlords are a problem in the area… there needs to be more responsibility. Also some building projects in the area seem to have become adhoc hobbies… two on Barclay road seem to be going on and on and on causing inconvenience.

    • Bob says:

      The problem with the Barclay Road site was that it had to be compulsorily purchased from the previous owner who had undermined the foundations of the houses on either side. They then had to be virtually rebuilt, the land made safe, the site cleared of some ridiculous brick sheds at the bottom of the gardens, and the land levelled.

      That’s all finished now, and some new houses can be built on the site.

      • Jane says:

        Thanks Bob for the update it should look good when its complete … theres another one on the corner of st marys and barclays where the builders seem to be taking an age…. it can make the area look scrappy. Perhaps the council should put time limits on these projects so they dont drag on.

  6. ufosmithy says:

    Back to the wasteland at Averys, Rugby Club and 116 Houses so i hear , i also heard a nasty rumour brandhall golf may be closing for housing ,,,GULP GULP GULP

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