Warley Woods wins Gold in Excellence Award

Warley Woods in Smethwick is the model which “others should aspire to and emulate,” so said judges announcing that Warley Woods Community Trust has taken gold in the RoyalForestry Society (RFS) Excellence in Forestry Urban and Community Forestry Awards.

There was particular praise from the judges for its well prepared woodland managementplan. They said: “The Trust is extremely well organised and has an impressive system ofgovernance which gives every confidence of long term security and continuity… This is anexceptional, high achieving and extremely well run and managed urban woodland andcommunity led site and is well deserving of first place.”

The award will be presented on 14 July at Grimsthorpe Castle in Lincolnshire. RFSMidlands Division Chairman Andrew Shaw said: “Urban and community woodlands playan important part in the overall woodland cover in the UK. Well managed woodlands willflourish well into the future and the Trust is showing how management, including treefelling and squirrel control, strengthens and improves the biodiversity of the wood and itsenjoyment for all.”

Viv Cole, Trust Manager said: “Everyone at Warley Woods is incredibly pleased to havebeen chosen for this award. We are all proud of Warley Woods and what the Trust hasachieved over the last 14 years, but it is so lovely to have that recognised by others. Wewill be able to share the Award with everyone who comes to help so they will know thattheir involvement does really contribute to something extra special. It will help bolster ourcommitment to keep doing more, for this inspiring place and the community who care somuch for it.”

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4 Responses to Warley Woods wins Gold in Excellence Award

  1. VIV says:


  2. Stefan says:

    Fantastic news! Surely there is a good opportunity for Warley woods to reach out to other community run parks in the area and share best practice.

  3. keithbracey says:

    Well done to all at Warley Woods…..well deserved!

  4. Tilly travel says:

    I used to spend a lot of time in the woods when I was younger, then with my son. The last time I visited a few years ago, I was put off by the amount of dog-do everywhere.

    I may give it another visit now.

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