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Gez McManus's daughter Rebecca, aged 21, was mown down and killed at a bus stop on Hagley Road by a speeding drunk driver.

Gez has started this petition and you can sign it here:

My petition:

A lifetime disqualification if convicted of causing death by dangerous driving.

My eldest daughter Rebecca McManus was killed by a speeding drunk driver in May 2014, the driver had raced with another motorist. He collided with her at 101mph while she stood at a bus stop with her best friend (she was seriously injured) She was twenty one and had just completed her degree.

He (sukvinder mannan) was jailed for eight years and disqualified for ten years. The trial was at Wolverhampton crown court in December 2015, the second defendant inderjhit singh was found not guilty of causing death and serious injury by dangerous driving. Mannan and Singh had raced over a distance of maybe two miles always at high speed and always putting other road users at risk, it was not a momentary lapse of concentration. Mannan should never get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle again.


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3 Responses to Support this petition

  1. Karl Blick says:

    Hopefully this will be a deterrent to others.

  2. Paul says:

    A really tragic event….. slightly off topic…. I’m not normally into speed cameras, but If ever there was a need for average speed cameras, it is the 40 mph section from Quinton to Bearwood on the Hagley Road… Bearwood to five ways already has them for the 30 mph section.

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