Open Mic at The Mill

The first time that I visited the Open Mic at the Mill I didn’t know what to expect. In fact, every time I visit Open Mic at the Mill I don’t know what to expect, and that is the glorious nature of the event. It is an open mic night arranged for the sole purpose of providing a platform for local talent to perform, collaborate and grow.

It’s a space where musicians and performers of all ages and abilities can pitch up and try out their skills whether it is playing singing, reciting or sitting on the carpet and chanting “Omm”. Performers need an audience though and so it is also a space for people to come and appreciate and support the talent that is out there.

The night is held bi-monthly in the art-deco arena of Thimblemill Library on the first Sunday of the month between 6pm and 8pm. This library is a hub of the community and they provide the venue and technical gubbings at no cost to the organisers and so there is no cost to come and perform or to watch. It’s two hours where you can forget that you have work or school the next day and to be part of something a bit different and special.

This isn’t an open mic night that requires you to be seasoned and polished; although you can be if you want. I’ve seen local poets, ten year olds covering Oasis, newly formed bands testing out themselves and a local police sergeant with hisextraordinary rendition of Chumbawamba; accompanying himself on the ukulele. It is eclectic, it is enjoyable and everybody is welcome.

There are only a few rules of the night:

If you want a slot turn up by 5.30pm as it is first come first served and it gives a bit of time to sort out technical bits.

If you’re using a backing track bring it with you on a device.

Whether performing or spectating enjoy.

You can follow the Open Mic Page on Facebook by following this link and you can find their latest event for March 5th here; but even better turn up in person and give them your support and have a good time.

Patrick Redmond


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