Tell us what you want from leisure services

Over the past five years, Sandwell Council has invested millions of pounds in the upgrade and renewal of sport and leisure buildings in the borough. This began with the opening of Tipton Leisure Centre and Portway Lifestyle Centre in 2013, followed by West Bromwich Leisure Centre in 2014, and Wednesbury Leisure Centre in 2015.

These state of the art facilities offer great provision in which the people of Sandwell now enjoy a wide range of leisure activities, whilst they are also more efficient to run than our older leisure centres. This investment has been made despite the fact that funding available to the Council from central Government has been very significantly reduced.

The council remains committed to the provision of high quality leisure facilities for the people of Sandwell and now wishes to consider the future of its other venues and to seek your views about the nature of what we might be able to provide.

This survey includes a series of questions upon which we would like your comments plus any other suggestions you might wish to make.

The outcome of this consultation will be considered during 2017 and will help us determine what we are to do with regard to our older leisure facilities.

It would therefore be greatly appreciated if you could complete and submit this online survey. It should take no longer than 5-10 minutes.


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2 Responses to Tell us what you want from leisure services

  1. Pat Callaghan says:

    Tried completing this survey – would only let me go as far as page 6 – what is on page 7 & 8 – not good – wasted a lot of my time unnecessarily

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