Work in progress…

Lightwoods House is nearing completion, and Richard Marshall has been inside for a sneak preview…


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11 Responses to Work in progress…

  1. Hazel shipton says:

    Thank you for showing us the photos the house is a credit to every single person who has been involved ,can’t wait for the official opening

  2. Christine Byrd says:

    Can’t wait to come and have a look round will the cafe be open?☺

  3. keithbracey says:

    Can’t wait for Lightwoods Park to be completed….is there to be a grand opening or a reinstatement of the Lightwoods Park May Day Festival this year to herald the opening?

  4. goldenorbs says:

    Looking great.

  5. Really looking forward to this, hope all goes well and thanks for all that is being done.

  6. keithbracey says:

    Well done Richard Marshall for leading the regeneration of Lightwoods Park….a true Bearwood Bloke who cares about our Communities…..Viz: ‘Smethwick in a Stew’ which I volunteered at and was rewarded (not that I was after any reward!) with a Black Country ‘Beer Buzz’ trip to The Enville Ales Brewery and The Cat on The Bridgnorth Road…..Brill night out! Loike Julie McKirdy at the Thimblemill Library and her work with various incoming communities to Bearwood (loike the Syrian refugees) Richard is a ‘Bearwood Hero’ in my opinion and deserves recognition for his work in Bearwood and Smerrick…….Keith Bracey

  7. Mr Ceri Fisher says:

    Looks very promising indeed and a great asset to the community. I know they were saying that there would be volunteer opportunities in various roles and was just wondering who I should contact with regards to this?

  8. mickeycool34 says:

    Looks fantastic must try and visit it

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