Consultation on changes to bus routes

National Express are consulting on changes to bus services which would impact on some routes in Bearwood. The main impact is on these routes:

50A & 50C – West Bromwich to Bearwood

● 50A & 50C replaced by changes to 48, 83 & 89 and new service 48A.

● 48A would serve Salop Road, Bristnall Hall Road and George Road.

● 83 would cover Crocketts Lane, Price Street and Windmill Lane between Cape Hill and West Bromwich.

● Route 82 maintains the link between Bearwood and Cape Hill.

48 – West Bromwich to Northfield and 48A – West Bromwich to Bearwood via Salop Road, Bristnall Hall Road and George Road

● 48 to continue beyond Bearwood to Harborne, Q.E. Hospital, Weoley Castle and Northfield every 30 minutes.

● New 48A introduced between West Bromwich and Bearwood to cover Salop Road, Bristnall Hall Road and George Road.

● Frequency of buses between West Bromwich and Bearwood increased to every 15 minutes on 48 & 48A.

National Express is looking to make changes in April 2017. They would like your feedback – good or bad – on their proposals by Sunday 5 February. They have asked for comments to be sent by email to However, should you have a query you would like to discuss with them please do get in touch with Richard Hardman (


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17 Responses to Consultation on changes to bus routes

  1. Monica Shepherd says:

    Thank you for this info. There isn’t long to reply and I can see some big gaps in the proposed service as an Upper St Mary’s Rd resident, senior aged visually impaired, who has to go frequently over to Smethwick!

    • Bob says:

      Make sure you respond Monica.

    • Mike says:

      The old 448 (and 450) was fine IMO then it got extended and now is unreliable. used to go by us but officially now there isnt a Bearwood bus from the big chunk to Smethwick. I cannot see people swapping and the 82 will be overcrowded and its hard for elderly and disabled especially crossing busy rds. I will switch to 11A/C in City Rd (not even in Smethwick). I certainly wont be using the 120, 48, 48A and 89 so for me they no longer exist.

  2. Hazel shipton says:

    Thank you forr map have e mailed them as to why no buses to smethwick high st,or brass house lane

    • mickeycool34 says:

      I agree. It is very odd there is no direct link from Bearwood to a good chunk of Smethwick High St both for Bearwood residents to use the facilities/trains etc and for people by Smethwick High St people the other way to Bearwood which could be fairly direct and enable people along the way to have Bearwood links as there is big gaps I can see, long walks or a few bus changes (which people with shopping get fed up and tired with). If they do put on new buses then not putting good links to them is a little bizarre and stops people using them especially the elderly and disabled. We did have a very good link to Bearwood (was 30mins though) and Londonderry so by the looks of it won’t improve that way.

    • Mike says:

      Tbh IMO I don’t hold much hope especially after the last changes, which meant for a number its longer walks even to connection buses, especially for many of us who have to get shopping home and means many journeys aren’t worth it. Seems all too complicated. The old 448 and 450 were better and covered more. All I see now is loads dragging shopping and walking ages who are pretty fed up as with people the other day with a woman with five Asda bags walking a long way to Albion Road off the bus and another elderly woman dragging shopping up a hill. Doesn’t seem to be any thought for the practicalities of getting around and they forget many don’t live by the actual bus stops and with the road setups its complicated getting around especially for the elderly and disabled who can only walk a distance like my mom, so she is never gunna walk to a connection bus a walk away.

  3. Janine says:

    Could you please tell me what bus will be going from smethwick high street up Bearwood road past the nursing home past the barley corn then up to Bearwood

    • Bob says:

      Janine, could I advise you to contact National Express, (see the bottom of the piece) it is their consultation, not ours.

  4. Mike says:

    Emailed my feedback and tried to think of those that need a better service but might not get opinions across. But what about those who don’t use computers and a week is very short window.

    • Bob says:

      Hi Mike, the deadline has been extended to allow a further week. I think they are supposed to have put adverts in local newspapers, although I haven’t seen anything myself.


      • Mike says:

        cheers Bob that’s better to be fair more time for people, I haven’t seen anything either really. I haven’t noticed any leaflets tbh.

  5. Hazel shipton says:

    There have been leaflets left on affected ted routes in rack where metro papers are,unfortunately very difficult to read if your eye sight is poor,and also unless you read the metro you wouldn’t use this rack

  6. Mike says:

    Have given my opinions anyway. The 80 seems to be good news for us (to certain places anyway – more frequent as opposed to the disappearing buses). For a lot of the elderly and disabled and others by us I cannot see them using the other buses as the roads are quite long, up hill and too tiring so really for those that can the 48 will be a lesser option (me and elderly mom use it for shopping/switching – its too far to Queens Head walking and its easier to carry things from 48 and the High St is a good distance too) but other than that its the two bus option still to Oldbury and Bearwood. The 120A and 120 we have to use but again limited at the moment as the links are hourly and finish before 7pm, the Blackheath link from Londonderry seems o.k. but not sure how people will link to hospitals from certain areas or how others link to Smethwick High St and train stations/facilities. I do agree the traffic is bad and too many buses sadly get stuck, maybe links between Smethwick High St to Bearwood more direct via Londonderry or the 48 or 48A connecting to Smethwick so people can swap to trains/other buses avoiding the major traffic flows? It and another bus used to do this before and seemed to work as long as it doesn’t cover too much. 30mins services to Birmingham I find often struggle and many by us use trains and Metro anyway.

  7. Mike says:

    From experience switching is extremely complicated from personal experience. I get what they are saying regarding switching buses but this isnt always easy especially if you have low frequency routes and poor coordination. From my experience higher frequency buses in residential areas with good links is better (although buses direct are more ideal). Switching in Cape is very complicated especially with busy roads and dodgy crossings especially for the elderly and disabled (my mom hates any crossings). My advice would be to use the 80 and 83 to switch to City Road for the 11A/C or 127, 128 and 129 or to Spon Lane for the 48 as 11A/C is a regular bus and less waiting time if timed with 80 and 83. They can also be used for switching to 87 and 128 for Oldbury. However generally I don’t see any major improvements apart from quicker journeys and slightly more frequent, the links and coordination are still awful.

  8. Mike says:

    From my experience National Express are terrible at replacement. We previously had very good links from our nearest bus road and High St and Bearwood and the Queens Head but list this link from 2012. So I shudder at the word replacement it often means no link or less links than before.

  9. mickeycool34 says:

    So done and dusted then cannot see myself using the 48 and 48A anytime soon (hardly use 48 now), as there are bus stops missing, plus I cannot see the elderly and disabled walking up or down the higher ground to get the 48 and 48A or the 89 to connect with 120 wish the old routes were still there I think I’ll have to connect with 11A/C in City Rd which will be a lot easier. I cannot see people keep connecting personally to go very short didtances between Bearwood and Blue Gates.

  10. mickeycool34 says:

    The 80 and 80A is actually a good walk to City hospital for those with walking issues so they will have to swap and equally is the 48A from even Blue Gates the nearest stop is St Pauls Rd from Bearwood. I can see the 87 and 82 being overcrowded with people swapping which is why its better to have a separate service as Cape Hill sections get crowded and to swap means crossing busy Cape Hill roads not great for the elderly and others with shopping which will be hard on crowded buses.

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