Sandwell libraries amongst the best!

An army of volunteers and a packed programme of activities have put Sandwell libraries among the best in the country according to recent figures. The borough came third out of 36 metropolitan authorities for the number of books borrowed and with more than 1.7 million people through the doors, it had the fourth highest number of visits.

Figures for 2015-16 released by the Chartered Institute for Public Finance and Accountancy also show Sandwell had the fifth highest use of computers and was the tenth highest for enquiries.

And it had the second highest number of volunteers after recording 16,820 volunteer hours during the year.

Councillor Richard Marshall, cabinet member for leisure, said: “These are excellent results thanks to our dedicated staff and volunteers, who despite facing a tough budget resulting from central government cuts, are providing an excellent service to our residents. Figures show that more than a million books were borrowed by Sandwell residents, and visitors spent more than 216,000 hours on library computers.

“Our staff and volunteers work hard at providing a packed programme of activities at our libraries making them active community hubs and unlike other boroughs we aren't cutting opening hours or closing libraries, in fact we are encouraging their use as can be seen by these figures.”

Sandwell Library Service has lots of different roles for volunteers, from helping people to use computers, running knit and natter sessions, to helping run a café. All libraries have friends groups, who are always looking for new members. If you want to know more about volunteering or joining the friends group, call in to the library.


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  1. keithbracey says:

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    Well done Sandwell Council and Libraries for such an excellent library services! Unlike our neighbours and supposed betters “Big Brother Birmingham” Sandwell is INCREASING library participation and creating real Community Hubs at local libraries like Thimblemill Library, thanks to the dynamic leadership of Julie McKirdy who recently received the British Empire Medal for her Stirling work there……from concerts from Sally Barker and the Soul Providers to cinema and reading clubs and help for the unemployed and Syrian refugees……it’s all go at ThimblemillLibrary a real centre of the Bearwood community and the beating heart of Bearwood thanks to Julie and her army of willing volunteers…..initiatives like Smethwick in a stew led by Richard Marshall and his missus are other great examples of the ” added value” Sandwell Libraries give to their communities Well done Sandwell Libraries! PS I can’t wait until Lightwoods House in LightwoodsPark is up and running…..not long to wait now you Bearwood folk! Keith Bracey

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  3. keithbracey says:

    Sandwell Libraries…..look and learn Birmingham City Council as you contemplate cuts of £750000 to the Birmingham Museums Trust budget which could lead to Birmingham Museum closures…Sandwell Council is increasing Library and Museum participation by Sandwell residents as they value their own Black Country heritage as evidenced by their match-funding of the £5.3million Heritage Lottery Funding for the regeneration of Lightwoods House, the former home of Smethwick Soap magnate William Adkins, whose Adkins Lane forms the rear boundary of Lightwoods Park and House. Lightwoods House was built at the height of the Lunar Society’s fame in the eighteenth century when Matthew Boulton and James Watt met at Boulton’s home at Soho House in nearby Handsworth to discuss “Natural Philosophy”…..of science, medicine, engineering and technology with Watt’s improved steam engines which powered the Industrial Revolution built at The SOHO Foundry…….I look forward to the opening of Lightwoods House in the Spring of 2017

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