Christmas Tree lights switch on

This year we have replaced the rather tired looking lights we have had previously with something a tad brighter. At 6pm Cllr Steve Eling will lead the countdown to switching the lights on and the ukulele kids and the choir will kick off the singing with Jingle Bells.

Mince pies and light refreshments will be provided




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7 Responses to Christmas Tree lights switch on

  1. John Grosvenor says:

    Dear Bob,

    Thank you for this, which I am circulating to some of our church members (St Mary the Virgin, Bearwood).

    Would you object if those of us attending offered flyers (specimen attached) advertising our St Nicholas Fayre on 3rd December.

    It will also be an opportunity for the whole community to view our architect’s suggested options and express your views on the future possibilities for the main hall section of our church site.

    We are endeavouring to develop the whole site into a more accessible oasis of quiet and calm for everyone in the midst of the bustling and busy Bearwood community.

    I don’t doubt that you and everyone involved with the Lightwoods House and Park project are well aware of the close links of the Adkins family with St Mary’s Church; and that you will wish to draw attention to this in the publicity and information which you publish about Lightwoods.

    Yours sincerely,

    John Grosvenor

  2. Dear Bob, Hope you don’t mind me posting a comment, but feel that I need to, not just on behalf of The Windsor Theatre but also the other traders and restaurants close by to us. We have noticed that there are no Christmas lights down ‘our end’ of the high street. They seem to finish at the traffic lights by The Bear. Obviously we don’t know from year to year how far the Christmas lights will reach until we see them being installed, once again it seems that ‘our end’ of the high street has been left out and we’re not feeling very Christmassy. It may be too late now for this year but can we have some consideration for next year please? Thank you (from the dark end 😉 lol Julie Fletcher

  3. John Holland says:

    Tree looks great. Big improvement on old lights Well done

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