They’ll pave paradise and put up a parking lot!

So, after years of neglect and vandalism, it finally looks like the end for the once beautiful cottage on Sandon Road. The cottage, which may date back to the late 18th century, was sadly never a listed building and now looks set to go under the bulldozer to be replaced by some soulless apartments.

Sandwell Council has received a planning application from the owners to flatten the building a replace it with six one and two bedroomed apartments. The plans for the apartments and the carport can be viewed here.

The cottage, although not considered as being of architectural importance, was thought by many to be quite beautiful and a landmark site, possibly the oldest building in Bearwood (I'm sure someone will tell us if that's not correct though). In recent years since the death of the elderly owner, the property has been neglected by the owners, blighted by ugly so-called 'improvements' like bricking up the windows, and vandalised and graffitied. The gardens, once lovingly tendered have been ruined and flattened by rubbish skips.

These are the apartments set to replace the cottage…


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17 Responses to They’ll pave paradise and put up a parking lot!

  1. Phill says:

    People need homes

  2. Chris Tonks says:

    As I said some time back the cottage has been unsympathetically destroyed. I would appear that this may be the owners master plan to get planning permission. Looking at the plan for the site I would say that it is too high and not in keeping with the surroundings.

  3. Karen Wilson says:

    Is there a chance that this piece of Bearwood history can be preserved? It is one of the last cottages of its type, it is unique and charming and still has the potential to be beautifully restored. It would be a travesty to demolish a building as special as this. Development comes at a cost, it will cost us this amazing place and just for the sake of miserable profit. I would urge the planners to think again.

  4. I agree tragic, and pointless destruction of a building. If HS2 goes ahead and more and more people commute to London property could increase in Bearwood and surrounding areas. The council might regret the decision to bulldozer this building. Maybe the same era as Lightwoods House which is being restored. Could the building by re sighted.? If it was in Harbourne it would be lovingly restored.

  5. Cathy Kingco says:

    I’ve just sent this email (the online comment page doesn’t work) please feel free to edit and use for your own email.

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    Ref: 100070896912 | 60 Sandon Road Birmingham B17 8EE

    I am writing to officially object to the planning application requesting permission to demolish this beautiful and historic cottage, which is possibly the oldest building in Bearwood, dating from the 17th century. It should be listed and protected for future generations, not destroyed for short term profit. Since the last owner occupier died, it has  deliberately and systematically neglected, probably with a view to its eventual demolition.

    In the 13 years I’ve been living in this area I’ve seen this happen over and over again: a beautiful old building is deliberately neglected for years until it is semi derelict, then it mysteriously catches fire, next it is demolished, with or without planning permission. The irony is, most of the sites of these are still undeveloped many years later. Please, please, do not allow this to be the fate of this lovely cottage. Thank you.

    Yours sincerely

  6. Bernie says:

    It is a shame about the cottage – or how it was previously at least. It’s been ruined. The new flats might tidy the place up and help move on the kerb crawlers etc from the area if they complain enough.

  7. Anne Wood says:

    Logged my objection, such a shame, always admired this cottage and what it could have been. Maybe a romantic view, but Im so tired of seeing historic buildings torn down, we should be protecting our history for future generations to enjoy.

  8. Robin Bird says:

    For some years I lived opposite what was a lovely and well maintained old cottage and am totally horrified at the thought of it being demolished. It should be listed and the listing be backdated so that once again the area will benefit from having a building with the character and charm that it once had.

  9. Smethwickien says:

    It’s typical of this area these days and I agree with Cathy Kingco 100%. You can map out the sequence of events before they happen. It’s obviously the usual suspects who have no interest with the local area and it’s history and only in profit. As previously said about the Brown Field sites aplenty, use these. The number of flats to be built is pointless, i’m certain no-one will be homeless if they’re not built. Not needed, where as local history should be preserved especially in the case of this building for everyone to see as a visual reference to change surrounding. Disgusting but not surprised.

  10. Michelle says:

    What a crying shame.. that cottage was the calthorpe estates gardener and is of significant historical value to the area. I can’t believe the planners let it get onto the state it’s in now – countless times I’ve complained to no avail and now probably just another load of flats that’ll turn into hostel accommodation.

  11. Deborah Ritchie says:

    It’s a very dangerous location to have an extra six or more cars joining the busy sandon road. Recent years have seen many accidents right next to this spot, two bus stops and a four way junction along with shamefully impatient overtaking of buses without consideration for alighting passengers or the very close pedestrian crossing. It’s only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured at this junction. The thought of adding a few more cars trying to join the traffic at this point seems foolhardy. Not to mention the loss of a local landmark and historic building. It should be listed and restored at the very least. There are plenty of areas to build in the sandwell area, people need homes yes but the reason they are not being built is nothing to do with this cottage and everything to do with diminishing funds to council coffers from government.

  12. Barry Pumphrey says:

    Legal vandalism by the owners – but still vandalism! I remember those gardens.

  13. ufosmithy says:

    I see the Pheasant has just been sold,that’s a lot of land pheasant/morrisons for some fat cat !!!

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