Zip wire run for charity

Janice Stirrup, a mother of two and grandmother of one from Oldbury is to undertake an extreme and challenging sponsored zip wire run in aid of a local charity, Sandwell Young Carers. The event is to take place on 10th September at Velocity Zip Wire, Bethesda, in Snowdonia where the zip wire is the longest in Europe and the fastest in the world reaching speeds of between 85 and 105 miles per hour and the heavier you are the faster you go so Janice is trying to lose a bit of weight before setting off.

Janice undertakes a sponsored challenge each year in memory of her late husband, Geoff who died six years ago.

Janice is a member of St. Hilda’s Church, Warley Woods which has chosen Sandwell Young Carers as its local charity for this year. This is one of a number of events that are taking place during the year to raise funds for the charity which supports more than 350 children and young people between the ages of 5 and 18 whose health, education and social lives have been affected by caring for a dependent family member.

More information about the charity is available at


If you would like to sponsor Janice you can do so at and type Janice Stirrup into the search box.


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