Work to start on Bear Junction next Monday

An extensive programme of work is due to start on the Bearwood Road/Sandon Road/Three Shires Oak Road junction next Monday. There will inevitably be delays and drivers may want to consider ways of avoiding the junction if possible.


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7 Responses to Work to start on Bear Junction next Monday

  1. Chris Tonks says:

    Hopefully it will not be a botch job like the Adkins Lane kerbs and footpaths.

  2. Vey good news.! Wouldn’t it be nice if the Bear pub clock worked and the building was cleaned etc.? Hopefully the junction will be cycle friendly. Probably in five years much traffic will be automated or driverless and the increase in cycles will be huge, including electric bikes. Let’s hope the council have considered these factors.

    Anyway great news. Thanks for the post.

  3. pearlpacke says:

    How is it going to affect the bus routs at that juntion

    • Bob says:

      During the construction period there is likely to be some disruption and potential for delays to traffic flows, due to carriageway restrictions while works are under way and the limitations imposed by temporary traffic signals.

  4. Dave says:

    Hi Bob, Just one thing for the contractors to keep in mind is that there are 6 church buildings off of the junction a couple hosting multiple congregations across the weekend and so Sunday work on the roads does have an impact on the community and up front liason with us would be helpful.

    On the plus side, the workmen on site were very understanding, helpful and respectful towards a funeral we held this Friday and we’d like to express our thanks to the men working on site for this.

  5. Mike Westwood says:

    To be honest the disruption is appalling… Side roads from Hagley road have become rat runs to avoid the junction.

    The council (Sandwell / Birmingham) should also be focusing on Hagley Road… From Quinton to Bearwood has become a boy racers paradise… 40 mph average speed cameras must be installed.

    One other concern is all those adverts that are appearing on roundabouts in bearwood. These are distracting and dangerous as well as looking dreadful. Money may be tight…. But this is a dreadful idea.

    • Bob says:

      I’m afraid disruption is inevitable if you are digging up the roads, and laying cabling.

      Speeding on Hagley Road is a major issue, and we have expressed our concerns on many occasions, but speed cameras are something the police have responsibility for, not Birmingham or Sandwell Council.

      Adverts exist on the side of roads throughout the country, including giant video screens on the side of motorways. Small adverts on traffic islands where no-one should exceed 30mph are hardly likely to be a hazard. Money is not only tight, it is critical. We have to find another £61 million out of the council budget between now and 2020, and if we can’t find that it will be libraries, swimming baths, and other non-statutory services that will start to close.

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