Another Simon Lea cracker…

A stray leaf


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1 Response to Another Simon Lea cracker…

  1. keithbracey says:

    Did you know that Lightwoods Park was featured as a place where a clue was hidden (on top of the netting climbing frame in the children’s play area) in today’s “Hunted” a treasure hunt cum cryptic quiz on BBC WM this morning? Smethwick Heritage Centre has also featured on past shows…..
    #BearwoodisBostin ……also next year’s “Big Sleuth” will involve Sun Bears placed at places around Birmingham in a “Bear Trail” round Brum to raise money for Birmingham Children’s Hospital….as someone who hails from the “Birmingham bit of Bearwood” ie the Poplars Estate…..Willow and Poplar Avenues and also Barnsley and Sandon Roads…..I would hope that Bearwood can feature in this worthy initiative…….how about it Councillors Piper, Eling and Jaron?

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