Major roadworks due at Bear junction

Major improvements are coming to a busy junction in Bearwood as part of a £700,000 scheme.

The crossroads near the Bear, where Sandon Road and Three Shires Oak Road cross Bearwood Road, will be upgraded over the next few months. Changes will be made to signs and markings to make traffic flow more quickly – reducing delays and cutting down on air pollution.

The traffic lights will also be replaced and more responsive control systems will be fitted to make it easier for pedestrians to cross at busy times.

The whole junction and pavements around it will also be resurfaced and some guard rails will be replaced.

The zebra crossing at the corner of Bearwood Road and Ethel Street, near Bearwood Primary School, will be converted to a traffic light crossing.And all of the pedestrian crossings will have a green man display on the opposite side of the road – making it safer for schoolchildren and other pedestrians to cross the road.

It’s a continuation of major improvements the council have already made to Bearwood Road and the work is due to begin during the school summer holidays and will be completed in December.

Temporary traffic signals will be installed while old traffic lights are being replaced and lanes may need to be closed while resurfacing is done.At times pavements around the junction will be partially closed. Work will be done outside peak hours, in the evening and at weekends where necessary to limit disruption to traffic. Residents and businesses will be informed of times and dates for any out of hours work.

Councillor Steve Eling, Leader of Sandwell Council said: “We’re looking after the residents of Bearwood, drivers and pedestrians by improving safety and getting traffic through this junction quicker.

“We’ve already made major improvements to Bearwood in the past 12 months – we’ve repaired the pavements along Bearwood Road and we have new public spaces at the Corks Club garden and by the Baptist Church.

“New trees have been planted and green screens are being grown to improve the air quality and we have all new streetlights along the entire Bearwood Road – plus of course the Kings Head clock and the improvements at the bus station.“We’re making Bearwood a safer, more convenient and attractive area for residents, encourage walking and helping to boost shops and businesses in the town centre.

“There may be some disruption while the work is done, but the contractor we’ve chosen is experienced in this type of work and any disruption will be kept to an absolute minimum.

“We know it will be inconvenient whilst the work is carried out but we’d ask people to bear with us while we’re carrying out this important work to improve this busy junction.”


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11 Responses to Major roadworks due at Bear junction

  1. Maria Hughes says:

    If you’re concerned about road safety on Bearwood Road, then you really need to look at the junction with Waterloo Road, and the speed at which cars can come round that blind bend. Anyone crossing Bearwood Road in the vicinity of Marlborough Road – for instance, to get to the bus stop on the other side – takes their life in their hands. There are pelican crossings every few yards at the other end of Bearwood Road, so I see no reason why an additional one cannot be placed at the Barleycorn end.

    • Mike says:

      I totally agree, the Barleycorn section needs looking at and the junction at Three Shires Oak Road, the one is o.k but not particularly safe, so more needs to be done, but the council do need to look at the one with at Cape going over to Waterloo Rd it must be one of the worst crossing cars flying around and nobody knows when the lights will change its so dangerous.

  2. robert roberts says:

    and while your doing this work by Bearwood school, make it double red lines up ethal street and stop all the parking outside the school. its really bad and also put double red lines from the Bear Tavern down to Beaks Road that will make the traffic flow quicker away from Bearwood to Smethwick,,,,

  3. Steve smith says:

    Safer? Have you actually walked down Bearwood rd at about 9pm? The atmosphere is threatening, had to walk down there a few months back, never again. I have lived near and worked on Bearwood road from the 70’s not a nice place now. Gangs of youth’s and not one policeman in sight. Sad to see it turn into a ghetto at night.

    • Bob says:

      I have, in fact, I just did but no sign of a ghetto.

      You’re right about the police though. People voted for austerity…this is it!

      • Jenny jones says:

        Think you must have been unlucky Steve. I’ve walked around there are at night and its fine. Do you mean cape hill? That’s pretty dodgy but still not half as bad as you portray

    • Mike says:

      I agree it is very dangerous but its like it elsewhere I am afraid. I did go to Aldi on night coming home and it wasnt pleasant there should be more police everywhere. I come off train stations and the shout abuse and odd characters hang around often drink and drugs, so I often avoid it and walk in more residential areas away from the main centres.

  4. michelle brown says:

    I think the crossing at the island bearwood rd waterloo rd needs moving up it is so dangerous to have a crossing that close to an island same on stanhope rd with thimblemill rd cars have to stop quite suddenly

  5. simeon says:

    I would welcome the changes and thank the councillor and his colleagues for improving Bearwood.

  6. louise says:

    What happened to the trees al, down Bearwood road. They all seem to be outside Neelams. We need greenery around bt Aldi and Co op. The rest is looking great

    • Bob says:

      Agree 100%. I’m afraid the problem is – and you can see it if you look at the pavements along Bearwood Road – the amount of utilities under the pavements. Unfortunately, unlike a lot of roads where the gas, electric, water and phones go under the road (which causes all sorts of problems when the roads have to be dug up for repairs) in Bearwood the go under whole swathes of the pavement.

      I would dearly love to see some greenery along the road, but although we’ve got the trees, finding somewhere to plant them seems to be problematic.

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