Sandwell Soup


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  1. I am taking part in the Birmingham SOUP at the Impact Hub in Digbeth this Thursday presenting my project for a Birmingham Tennis Trail around Edgbaston highlighting the historic role the leafy suburb played in the growth and evolution of the international worldwide game of tennis with the first game being played in 1859 on a court marked out in the back garden of 8 Ampton Road, Edgbaston by Major Harry Gem, a Clerk to Birmingham Magistrates and keen Racquets player and his friend Spanish Merchant Augurio Perera.

    I can heartily recommend the ‘Soup’ initiatives as a way of funding small Community-led projects for the betterment of local Communities…..

    I was a volunteer on Councillor Richard Marshall’s ‘Smethwick in a Stew’ project a couple of years ago when I was out of work……

    ‘Smethwick in a Stew’ is the ideal sort of community-based project that would benefit from Sandwell SOUP in my opinion……so get down to West Bromwich Town Hall with your community project ideas for funding…..and they feed you into the bargain for a small donation!

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