What’s happening at Lightwoods Park?

When will the work be finished? What's going to be done in Lightwoods House? Will there be lighting in the park? Are the paths going to be done? Get your questions answered….


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2 Responses to What’s happening at Lightwoods Park?

  1. Chris Tonks says:

    Work seems to be proceeding well. Great now the bridge area is now open and the house looks stunning.
    Would be nice if the rail along Adkins Lane could be removed now that the timber bollards have been installed.
    When will the remaining paths be started?
    Although I am busy at work most of the time I would like to volunteer if there are any openings that I could attend.

    • keithbracey says:

      Nice to see #LightwoodsPark progressing well…..I hope that it will be ready for later in the Autumn 2016 rather than next January/February or the winter….2017

      Is there going to be a Lightwoods Park Mayday Festival on May Day Bank Holiday Monday next year?

      There were lots of attractions and over 20000 Bearwood lovers descended on Lightwoods park for a #BrumIsBrill Day…..

      There wer Bands/Funfair/StreetFood/StrongManCompetition/SmethwickHeritageCentreExhibitionin LightwoodsHouse/RealAleBar/KiddiesRides/BrassBandontheBandstand/DanceCompetition/

      Can there be other attractions in 2017 like a T20CricketCompetitionbetweenlocalPubs/6ASideCricket/Soccer/Karate/TaekwondoExhibition…..?

      I really enjoyed volunteering with #RichardMarshall #AnnJaron and #BobPiper and #SteveGoult & #CarolGoult a couple of years ago on the #RealAleBar……

      #BostinBearwood #WeAreBearwood #WarleyWoods #KateSlade #MaryBodfish #KeithBracey #Volunteers #Bearwood #EnjoyBearwood #WarleyWoodsPicnicinthePark Sunday 3rd July #BearwoodPromoters


      #KeithBracey #Bearwoodian #BaronBearwood #BlackCountryBard #BrummieBard

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