Pram pushers…now on Wednesday

Pram Pushers the outdoor post-natal exercise class for moms with pushchairs at Lightwoods Park will now take place on Wednesday mornings 10am till 11am, free to join in meet at the Galton Road entrance.


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2 Responses to Pram pushers…now on Wednesday

  1. Russell Davies says:

    Is their something that anyone can do about cars parking on the pavement the road is for a car the pavement is to walk on the road I live on in bearwood is a joke with cars parking on the pavement . Can we not fine these drivers and teach them a lesson

    • Bob says:

      It’s a never ending problem Russell. The council enforcement only take action if someone is parking in a restricted area (yellow lines, disabled bay). Parking on the pavement is police enforcement but they don’t book anyone unless they are obstructing the pavement and people can’t get past. Drives me crackers. If it is someone regularly, try reporting it to the police on 101

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