Road closure

Notice of Temporary Road Closure

Rathbone Road, Smethwick

In order to facilitate road works Rathbone Road will be closed on 23rd-26th May 2016 between Abbey Road and Hamilton Road.

Traffic will be diverted via Hamilton Road, Alexander Road, Abbey Road and vice-versa.


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5 Responses to Road closure

  1. Simon says:

    Finally fixing the dip in the road?

    • Bob says:

      Investigating what’s causing it anyway, at last. I suspect South Staffs Water will have to get involved when they get to take a look at it because I think a collapsed sewer pipe is involved somewhere down there.

  2. vvi says:

    Do you know/can you find out why residents were not notified about the Closure of Adkins lane/Lightwoods hill/Rd yesterday morning?
    As we live there its causing a reals problem with cars zooming up lightwoods rd from the high st and having to do a U turn and fight their way back, there are no signs ( eg “access to frontages only”) or indication of how long this will be in effect?

  3. Pat Callaghan says:

    What about the closure of Atkins Lane by bus station stopping turning out of Lightwoods Road either towards Bearwood Road or up to Lightwoods Hill which occurred yesterday and apparently is going to be closed for 3 weeks to allow the pavements to be repaired. How do the bin men get up the road – when was the notification of this closure posted?

    • Bob says:

      Pat, here’s the answer I’ve been given, and yes, it would have been nice if affected properties had been notified:
      The road will be closed from the 16th May to 3rd June, unless the work is finished early or extended for any reason.
      I have spoken to waste cleansing and they have advised the refuse crew have been given instructions to attend first thing at 6.15am. They will be providing assisted collections to the properties in the closed section of the road, the crew will drag the bins out where they can get to them and take them to the bin waggon for emptying. This will be the same for recycling collections and garden waste.

      The street cleansing crew have been asked to attend the area first thing and cleanse the areas they can get to.

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