Roll of honour

Just a few words to say a massive thank you to those branch members (and three non-members) who worked during this election campaign to ensure Ann was elected with a record percentage of the vote, and achieved the highest turnout of any Ward in Sandwell. Over the last two months we have delivered about 18,000 leaflets, knocked over 4,500 doors, put up a couple of hundred posters, address labelled cards, and staffed polling stations on election day for over 80 hours.

In no particular order at all, and a whopping apology in advance to anyone who I've missed out (and with an acknowledgment that family members helped out in some cases) this year's heroes are…

Cait & Andy, Frankie and Steve, Abi, Adrian, Shabeeh, Pam and Steve, John S, Dagmar and Bob, Stephen and Sarah, Liz and Bob, Marie and Richard M, Richard N, Peter and Pat S, Peter M, Annie H, Scott and Ryan, Aileen, Emilie, Deborah, Julie, Luke, Dan, Lynn, Elizabeth, Kate, Genevieve, Prem, John B, Elaine B, Stevie P, John K, Phil and Annie, Paula, Lesley, Mary B, and the other Mary B, David and Claire, Nicky and Paul, Alison, the legend who is Sita M, Patrick and Jeannie, Andrew, Jennie, John (MP), Josef and Caryl, Ceri, Barbara, Leroy, John W, Rod….and of course, the splendid candidate herself… Dr. Ann Jaron!!!

That's 64 helpers, by my reckoning…..pat yourselves on the back!!

Thanks also to everyone who displayed a poster, gave us a nice welcome on the doorstep or at the polling station, and the 2,383 Labour voters in Abbey Ward!


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1 Response to Roll of honour

  1. Ann Jaron says:

    Bob and the little graphic (no Polish) have said it all for me except for:
    Specjalne DZIĘKUJE dla wszystkich Polaków którzy dla mine głosowali. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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