Folk, Blues and Americana at Thimblemill

This Saturday, a special session, all the way from the USA, Josh Harty sings at the library.

Doors open 8pm… a snip at only a fiver!


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2 Responses to Folk, Blues and Americana at Thimblemill

  1. Carla Bove says:

    I’m assuming this went down a storm? I couldn’t make it in the end, so disappointed. Did anyone attend?

    • keithbracey says:

      Hi Carla Yes the gig was brill! Dan Hartland, Bearwood’s own was great with his mix of bluesy toons and guitar picking as were Mellow Peaches from Kings Heath and Josh Harty….well what can I say…..absolutely fantastic…..Thimblemill Library is becoming Bearwood’s go-to venue….one quibble for that Great Bearwood heroine Julie McKirdy BEM is that we have become accustomed to bringing our own booze to Thimblemill gigs as we are not big drinkers and like specific things…at this gig Julie had a special licence and operated a pay-bar with cans of Guinness for a couple of quid and bottles of cider for a similar price….we liked it better when you could bring your own….can we have a return to that as I presume having a special licence costs money which goes onto the ticket price……just sayin’……But overall a #BostinBearwoodNight…..

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