The circus is in town…

Setting up today in Lightwoods Park…


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2 Responses to The circus is in town…

  1. viv says:

    OMG !
    I took the dog for a walk about 7 this morning, HAVE YOU SEEN THE STATE OF THE PARK (OR WHATS LEFT OF IT!) WHERE THE ‘CIRCUS’ WAS? hopefully they Circus will clear it up as it s absolutely ruined at the moment you cant even walk on the path , and as for the grass…. R.I.P.

    just unacceptable.

    • Bob says:

      In fairness to the circus I don’t think they could anticipate the deluge that came down as they were vacating the site yesterday. The damage is worse than we anticipated, and I suspect they will never be allowed on site again with the use of a tractor, which has churned the ground badly. There is a deposit they have to leave towards clearing the site up, and the parks department will be using that to recifify the damage. They’re pretty experienced in this, having to clear up after the Sandwell Show each year.

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