If you’re going to Sainsbury’s this weekend…

…As you pass the entrance, stop and say hi to the good folk from BUDS.

Dementia is terribly debilitating and possibly the fastest growing cause of illness in the region, leading to forgetfulness, confusion, changes in mood and problems in communicating. It is also places extreme demands on those who care for a dementia sufferer.

BUDS (Better Understanding of Dementia in Sandwell) helps to support careers, befriend sufferers, provide day clubs to enable sufferers to socialise, and provide training for organisations in dementia awareness.

So, if you're passing, say hello, and thank them for the tremendous work they do for some of the most vulnerable people in our community.


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2 Responses to If you’re going to Sainsbury’s this weekend…

  1. Elaine Hook says:

    Brandhall Community Choir will be at Sainsbury’s on Saturday from 2.00 till 4.00, singing in support of BUDS.

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