A circus for Lightwoods Park?

Talks are currently underway about bringing a circus to Lightwoods Park next year. Negotiations are in an advanced stage for one of the biggest big top companies in the country to Bearwood, either in the Spring or the Autumn.

Richard Marshall, Chair of the Friends of Lightwoods Park said, “This is a really exciting possibility. When we did Bearwood on Ice a few years ago, and then the Drive-in movies, we knew we wanted to bring another big event to Lightwoods. The circus – which is an entirely non-animal event – could be the answer.

“There are a few hurdles to cross, particularly around parking, but I think we will do it if we can, and hopefully we will have an announcement shortly. I am told the company we are talking to used to operate a circus in Lightwoods Park about 35-40 years ago, but I'm too young to remember that.”


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1 Response to A circus for Lightwoods Park?

  1. Hazel shipton says:

    I am old enough to remember the circus coming to town.What an ideal way to celebrate the restoration of the house

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