Have your say on further curbs on fast food takeaways

If you believe some people, the only shops we have in Bearwood are fast food takeaways.* It isn't true, actually, only just over 6% of shops are designated as fast food takeaways.

Currently, in what are designated as 'town centres' fast food outlets are restricted to 10% of the units, but the council is currently consulting on reducing that total to 7%, which would mean in Bearwood the planning committee would only have to approve another one fast food shop before saying, enough is enough, and no more!

You can download a copy of the revised planning guidance here.

Views can be sent in via email at Idf_planning@sandwell.gov.uk, or in person at the planning reception at Sandwell Council House in Freeth Street, Oldbury or by post to strategic planning at Sandwell House House Oldbury B69 3DE

* Hot Food Takeaway (Class A5) establishments are those whose primary business is for the sale of hot food for consumption off the premises.

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2 Responses to Have your say on further curbs on fast food takeaways

  1. Rebecca Worthington says:

    And if you believe SOME people the representatives of Bearwood are completely hopeless…..oh …..wait……

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