Use it…or lose it!

Can Bearwood sustain a fishmongers? From time to time on the Bearwood Facebook Page someone posts something saying…what sort of shop would you like to see in Bearwood? Sandwiched between those who want a McDonalds and a Waitrose, there are always those who want an artisan bakery…and a fishmongers!

Well, for the last couple of weeks, from his stall hidden away at the back of Bearwood Indoor Market, Stuart Spencer has been providing a wide range of fresh fish. From pre-cut fillets, whole fish and seafood, or a fish that he'll scale and fillet for you, Stuart will also advise and help you choose whatever suits.

In order to survive and thrive, Spencers Fish need those people who are crying out for independent traders in Bearwood to pop in and give them your custom. You can get fresh fish from Stuart, or pop along to Waitrose and Sainsbury's and buy some shrink wrapped fish with an I determinant shelf life.

It's your choice – as we always say about our local traders – use it or lose it!


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7 Responses to Use it…or lose it!

  1. Andy Jinks says:

    Never knew

    More advertising needed!

    Is he on FB? Tw?


    • Bob says:

      Yes, he is Andy. You’re right about promoting it, that’s why I blogged it. He says he has done ok up until now, but been slow this week with the school holidays. Seems a nice guy.

  2. Wow, thank you so much for featuring our shop on the blog, it is very much appreciated. We have posted flyers and yestersay put a temporary sign outside of the market while we work on a more suitable one, hoping it will attract the passing trade. Our facebook page is Spencers fish. Thanks again, Stuart.

  3. who’d have thunk it!!! I didn’t even know we had a fishmongers at the Indoor Market…and I go there regularly! Are there particular days you are there Stuart?

  4. It’s really lovely 2read all the positive comments this is my son and daughter in laws new business they have worked 4years in the indoor markets since they married in Aug they have dreamed of opening a family business their dream has finally come through they are a young couple who have years of experience and have worked so hard 2 get where they are 2day so make their dreams come through by supporting them and shop at Spencer’s fish they deserve it

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