Protest over Morrisons closure

Local residents are to lead a protest tomorrow (Friday) over the decision by Morrisons to close their Bearwoid store on Pottery Road. They are urging people unhappy about the closure to join them outside the supermarket at 1pm.

The organisers are anticipating the Express and Star and Central News will cover the protest and it would be good if there is a good turnout to support the protest.

The closure, one of 11 shops identified by the chain to close across the country, has upset a lot of people in the area who feel let down by the fact that Morrisons have failed to carry out any meaningful consultation with staff or customers, and leave the area without a medium sized supermarket which has existed on that site for years.

Even if you are unable to join the protest on Friday you can sign the petition the protesters are organising at the store, and people are also urged to contact the Chief Executive of Morrisons and let him know how badly this closure will affect local people, particularly the elderly. The e-mail address to contact is

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9 Responses to Protest over Morrisons closure

  1. jackie says:

    Its bad enough we have lost Tesco in Bearwood and Smethwick, now Morrisons.

  2. sheila says:

    This store is always busy and a god send when you have a busy day at work and need to get food done for tea

  3. Steve Horton says:

    Apparently, from what I read in the newspapers, Morrisons stores are closing because of a ‘slump’ in profits….not that they’re losing money…just not making enough.

  4. jacqueline says:

    Please don’t shut morrisions on pottery road it’s our local and only the one close to home me and my mom rarely go out due to panic attacks and this is the closest big shop good food and staff that we will miss. I don’t see why it’s shutting it’s always busy in my eyes

  5. Ted says:

    That store can’t be losing money. It’s understaffed and there are always shoppers in there paying prices that are much higher than elsewhere. ‘ Greedy Morrison’s’ just thought they could make even more money. Now they’re backing out and leaving staff and shoppers high and dry. If they can’t keep Pottery Rd open, they might as well clear off out of the Midlands altogether!

  6. jackie says:

    shame on you fat cats

  7. Michael says:

    Dont blame them. Like where i live supermarket options are limited and travelling to them a nightmare. We even lost our local Bearwood bus which means my mom at 76 struggles to get anywherw. Most supermarkets are for car users so its tough if you live a residential area with no car and as with Morrisons Hawthorns it was complex to get to

  8. Mary Houghton says:

    Myself Mary and Michelle have been up at the store for 4 days starting last Tuesday. We were there 14 hours spread over that time and we have collected over 1,200 signatures. That is the footfall at the store and neither of us can do more than a couple of hours at a time. Its was so busy on Thusrday and Friday had a job to keep up. Friday Michelle and I were there during the evening rush and 4 clipboards with the forms on wasnt really enough. It just never stopped. I still cant see why they want to close it.

    I am going to try and get David Potts the CEO on the phone tomorrow. It isnt right that the staff only found out on the day the public announcement was on the news! That to me stinks. They havent even had a letter from Head Office explaining what is happening. What a way to treat their staff.

    I promise you Michelle and I with the community at the back of us will fight to the bitter end to keep our store open.

    Thank you too so very much to Bob Piper for his support and being there on Friday. It means a lot to us all.


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