Has the Rec had a reprieve?

The crucial passage in this notice from the Secretary of the Thimblemill Rec reads…

“…as the developers are now considering selling the land on rather than developing it”

We always thought there were enormous problems in developing that piece of land, and it may be proving to be the case. Of course, if they do sell it, they will be selling with planning permission already granted because the Planning Inspectorate overruled the council and allowed the development.


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1 Response to Has the Rec had a reprieve?

  1. take this is the old GKN rec ! spend many happy hours there in the late 60s until GKN fastener tools closed in the 80s ….. happy memories including playing netball / its a knock out / and helping starting the folk club with jasper carrot ….. don’t live in the area now …. but memories are still with me …. shame if houses are going to be built … BUT that’s what happens these days green spaces GONE … FOR …. EVER ….. SAD ……

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