Bearwood Morrisons set to close

A press release from Morrisons has announced the closure of their store in Pottery Road as part of national restructuring including closing some of their smaller sized stores. Which seems a bit of a pity because it always seems quite a busy little shop.

As you may have seen in the media, Morrisons has announced the proposed closure of 11 supermarkets. I regret to inform you that our Oldbury store in your constituency is one of the 11.

We have looked extremely carefully at whether this store can be turned around but unfortunately we cannot see a way of making it viable. We are therefore proposing its closure. We are consulting with colleagues and unions and we will be discussing how to reduce redundancies and redeploy colleagues around our business.


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2 Responses to Bearwood Morrisons set to close

  1. Mike Jones says:

    A shame for all the workers… Was always busy with long ques when I was there. Perhaps a Liddell would take it over… The nearest big shop is a fair distance away from that area now.

  2. Michelle says:

    Apparantley no one is set to take this store over, Morrisons bought the land and will only sell to developers for apartments if we do not try to stop the closure. There is a lot of elderly people who rely on this store. The community welcomed Morrisons so now it’s time they showed the community some respect back. Some local people are trying to organise a petition shortly, so please sign

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