Warley Woods

All of the caravans that entered the Woods earlier today have now moved off and the police are removing the one that attempted to crash in over the bank and got stuck.

Well done to Viv Cole and members of the Trust who physically blocked the gates to prevent more caravans from forcing their way on to the site, and to West Midlands police who acted decisively to get them off the park as quickly as they did.

Councillor Steve Eling, Chair of the Trust Board will be making a statement on the Trust website tomorrow.


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3 Responses to Warley Woods

  1. Mike Jones says:

    Well done everyone in stopping this! It could have really had a major impact on the Woods and its environment. Very worrying…. Let’s hope the concrete blocks will one day be able to be removed and replaced with something more in tune with the woods… But for now, safety is important. A shame people do this sort of thing….

  2. Paula says:

    Any idea when the concrete block will be removed as ive seen lots of childern playing on them and fear they might hurt themselves. also car are now parking along the road instead of the carpark and its making it harder as a driver to see when people are trying to cross (shame they dont use the crossing) and harder to drive around the bend. With the dark nights coming and ice/ snow i feel this needs adressing sooner rather than later please

    what about speaking with our local christmas cabin maker Rutlands to see if they can make something nice and inkepting.

  3. Viv Cole says:

    We’ll be removing the concrete block and reopening the entrance as soon as we are happy with the reenforcements we are making around the perimeter and all the concrete blocks can go at the same time. We are hoping to have a rota of people who would be happy to lock that vehicle gate in the evenings, but this is a work in progress.

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