Police called as travellers move on to Warley Woods

Police have arrived at Warley Woods following the arrival of a group of travellers in to the meadow near the Abbey Road entrance to the park.

As it isn't a council park the local authority don't have the powers to evict them, and the Trust will have to get an eviction order. As it appears they have removed bollards to access the site it will constitute trespass and the Trust are in their rights to request action from the police.


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4 Responses to Police called as travellers move on to Warley Woods

  1. Dave Marsh says:

    Is this the same aggressive bunch that have been moved on from various local sites around Warley lately?

  2. Steve Eling says:

    All of the travellers have left the park and the vehicle and caravan that was stuck on the bank into the park on Abbey Road is now being removed. I will be putting a statement on the Trust’s website in the morning.

  3. Mike Jone says:

    Very shocking …. This is repeated in many areas around the country and not dealt with promptly as the travellers hide behind liberal legislation that does not protect the rights of the many and the environment. The damage and mess is often a dreadful legacy. Well done to those who reacted so quickly to this, Steve and to the police who dealt with it very quickly. Whilst travellers shouldn’t be persecuted, this is a two way process. Sadly in many cases the liberal left in central government have sadly allowed the balance to tip far too much in the way of those who would abuse decency and the rights of everyone. The Woods would have been decimated by this encroachment by people who seem to care little for others and the environment. All very worrying… The woods need to be protected by law.

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