Cannabis factory busted in Beakes Road

A message from Sgt. Giles Dean:

Yesterday local officers executed a warrant and found a cannabis farm located inside an address on Beakes Road.

West Midlands Police always take drug offences very seriously and we act if credible information is received as drugs can cause considerable harm to the communities we live in.

In Sandwell we have seen an increase in cannabis factories in private residences. Recently identified factories have been located in suburban areas in rented accommodation. It should be noted that most cannabis factories require an increased electricity supply, which the tenant will source by bypassing the meter. This interference does cause a significant fire risk and can be extremely dangerous.

Addresses in Sandwell where cannabis factories have been uncovered have had thousands of pounds worth of damage caused to the building structure and the electricity supply.

All residents and landlords are asked to consider the following signs to look out for in respect of all properties on an ongoing basis and to contact us with any concerns.

• Properties used for cannabis factories can be short or long term lettings.

• An initial appearance of being a small family can quickly revert to an individual living alone.

• Isolated people living alone, usually a male who will rarely leave the address.

• Irregular comings and goings at different times of the day and night.

• Regular electrical noises, soft motors or a small generator running, coming from the address.

• Different smells coming from the area surrounding the property sometimes described as like sickly sweet tomato plants.

• Building/DIY noises at irregular times, including the sound of movement on all floors.

• The majority of curtains always drawn, often reinforced to prevent casual observers.

• Some windows permanently open, even in cold weather.

• Dirty and sometimes condensation-streaked windows, often these are noticeable from the street.

• Lighting and electrical equipment taken to the address more suited to a green house.

• Locks are often changed without the knowledge of the landlord or letting agent.

For further information or to discuss any concerns please contact Sandwell Local Policing Unit on 101 or Crimestoppers 0800 555 111 or email

Alternatively, if you wish to speak to your local officers, you can also contact us at Smethwick station via the 101 number.

Thank you

Sgt Giles Dean


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2 Responses to Cannabis factory busted in Beakes Road

  1. hazel shipton says:

    no wonder i felt happier when i walked down to the library!

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