B.U.D.S. in Sainsbury’s Oldbury

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 13.27.59 Lots of Bearwood folk supported local charity organisation BUDS (Better Understanding of Dementia in Sandwell) in the vote to nominate a charity of the year from Sainsbury’s in Oldbury.

Well, this weekend has been their first promotion weekend and the stall in the entrance to the shop has been attracting a terrific amount of interest and support. If you are in Sainsbury’s at all, say hello to the folk there, and if you can put a bit of odd change from your shopping in their collection bucket.

BUDS really is one of the most worthwhile charities around and they do some terrific work putting on day centres across Sandwell for people with dementia and providing respite for carers. They also do some great work advising the relatives of dementia on ways of coping with their loved ones’ issues, and the charity is always living hand to mouth, so any donations go directly to providing services.

* Just for the sake of transparency, I should declare that I am an unpaid Trustee of BUDS (Cllr. Bob Piper)

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1 Response to B.U.D.S. in Sainsbury’s Oldbury

  1. As above. says:

    Excellent initiative and much-needed.Grateful.

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