The boy who became a beetle…

The Young Producers, children from St Gregory's and Uplands Primary have spent the last year working on this production, and it is a bit special! Greg’s an ordinary boy, much like any other. At least, he was… Until this morning.

When he wakes up with clacking pincers on his head, a huge heavy shell on his back and six spindly legs with a mind of their own, life’s about to get a whole lot trickier.How will he get dressed? Eat his breakfast? Go to the loo? What will his family do when he scuttles out of his bedroom? And how will the rest of the world react to this creepy crawly crisis?When the villainous Beetle Buster shows up with his Verminator machine, Greg must choose between hiding in the shadows or embracing his new life as a great big mini-beast, supported by his plucky little sister and a perky puppet dog.With live music, a sprinkling of songs, riotous action and thrilling transformations, this is a funny, messy and moving new show for everyone who knows what it’s like to feel different.

Tickets available from Thimblemill Library, £2.50 adults, £1.50 children or £7.00 family ticket (2adults 2 children)


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2 Responses to The boy who became a beetle…

  1. mirandaalison says:

    Where and when is it going to be showing?? Thanks

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