About time too!

Arise…Dame Julie is recognised at last!

The Birmingham Mail on the Birthday Honours List!


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8 Responses to About time too!

  1. Christine says:

    37 Years .Well done .Congrats on you achievement

  2. Thoroughly well deserved Julie you are a diamond in the rough and one of Smethwick’s own . Well done

  3. Jayne says:

    Congratulations Julie, your an inspiration to us all, you work so hard and yet still have time for others. You have been such a great help and so supportive to us and our little group on a Thursday thank you so much for helping us on our way and letting us use the library all the children love thanks again Julie best wishes Jayne,Sharon Nicola and all our little people x

  4. Janet says:

    well done Julie – totally well deserved! Congratulations from all the Eastwoods’ – many happy hours spent with you in the library- thank you for all your dedication and hard work:)

  5. Elaine Hook says:

    Well done Julie, this is very well deserved, we are so delighted for you.

  6. keithbracey says:

    Well done Julie……nice to have your hard work in the Bearwood community recognised….when I first read Bob’s post I thought it was another Bearwood Julie…..Walters had been made a Dame! Perhaps next time……….????

  7. Trudy King says:

    Well done, Julie! What good news. You truly deserve the accolade. Trudy

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