Buying…selling…or telling!

Do you want to sell some of that clutter hanging around the house? That old exercise bike gathering dust… the juicer that you no longer use… the set of baby clothes than no longer fit your eight-year old?

Or are you looking for a hose to water the garden…a child's bike…or a set of golf clubs?

Do you want to let local people know you are available for house cleaning, or decorating, or starting up a business cake decorating.

Why not consider putting an advert on the community notice board at Thimblemill Library. Just 50p gives you a postcard on the notice board for a week to advertise anything you want (or don't want), and will be seen by the hundreds of people who visit the library every week.


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1 Response to Buying…selling…or telling!

  1. hazel shipton says:

    brilliant simple idea well done to whoever thought of this good use of community board

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