Having a barbie?

If the weather is as nice as they are predicting, and you're thinking of getting out into the garden, brushing the cobwebs off the barbie and doing a bit of outdoor cooking this weekend…why not drop in to your local Bearwood butcher, Dave Patrick's on Bearwood Road.

Instead of the commercial frozen French horse meat burgers you might get from your average multinational supermarket conglomerate, you can go to Dave Patrick's and get some genuine beef burgers, made in the shop itself. Not only splendid value, and good for the environment, but providing business for an established local trader.

As Sam from Webb's always says, “You won't know what you've got til it's gone…and then it will be too late. Use it or lose it!”


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4 Responses to Having a barbie?

  1. Jenny Pugh says:

    Their burgers are gorgeous with real taste!

  2. Geoffreyb says:

    Best butchers around, bar none!

  3. Marwan Darweish says:

    Last week I bought excellent lamb and Pork for Bank Holiday BBQ which despite the weather we had a wonderful food and homemade Hummus.

  4. BETH Burling says:

    Just had the lamb cutlets for Sunday dinner beautiful

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