Now, here’s an enterprising idea….

How many times have you seen on Facebook someone crying out to borrow something that they either can't afford to buy, or want to try something out before committing themselves to a purchase?

A heavy job in the garden could be made easier with a wheel barrow. Putting up some shelves or pictures, but you don't have a drill. Cleaning a carpet and want to see if a carpet cleaner would really shift those stains. Perhaps you want to try a round of golf without investing in the expensive equipment, or borrow a tent to try a camping weekend.

Well in Birmingham they've set up a venture called Borroclub, a website where people can list the things they've got, but rarely use, that they'd be prepared to hire out for a small fee to those who want to put it to better use than gathering dust in your garden shed or loft.

More details here…. and you can visit the Borroclub website here.

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