More from Oops!

Jacqui from Oops! Says…

“We are an artisan gallery/gift shop selling high quality, quirky and interesting hand made items from carefully selected artists from all over the U.K. We will be having a gallery area upstairs at the shop, a workshop and a studio space in which we are planning to hold a variety of art and craft related classess and events.

“As Bearwood has such a vibrant and active arts and crafts community, we are very excited to be opening there and hopefully providing something new and exciting to the high street.”

Pop in to 136 Sandon Road and say hello!


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4 Responses to More from Oops!

  1. Anita Allsop says:

    Tried to ‘pop in’ today, Wednesday 27th but shop was shuttered up – couldn’t see any obvious opening times on the shop front, I was driving past so it w as difficult to see if it was in small wriing – missed a customer there!

    • Bob says:

      Hi Anita, I’ve spoken with Jacqui from Oops! and apparently they are closed on Wednesdays and Sunday’s, but open the rest of the week from 10am to 6pm. The problem is that they are not allowed to post anything on the shutters on the front of the shop. She is sorry your trip was wasted and would welcome you giving it another chance.


      • Scott says:

        Hi, I also popped in on a Tuesday about 11am and the shop was also shuttered up. It was last week. I really need to know when she will be open as there are several things I want to buy from her following a drop in on a Saturday. Do you have contact details for Jacqui? Is she still trading?

      • Bob says:

        No, I’m afraid Jacqui has ceased trading and the shop is closed.

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