Thank you to our party workers

Whatever happens tomorrow, it has been a fantastic effort by members of Abbey Branch Labour Party in our campaign to re-elect Steve Eling on to the council, and John Spellar as our MP. We have also been over to help Stephanie Peacock in Halesowen and Rowley Regis, and Ian Austin in Dudley North, two key marginals for Labour.

Running an election campaign involves a lot of work for our team in Abbey Ward, deliveringleaflets (over 10,000 in the two months before the election), knocking on doors (5,500 in just over 3 weeks), polling station and count observers, running a committee room, and all the election administration paper work.

So, big thank you to everyone who has contributed to Team Abbey’s election campaign this year, in no particular order… Patrick, Sita, Pam, Richard M., Richard N., Bob, Liz, Ann, Marcin, Lesley, Steve E., Steve P., John K. Phil, Annie L., Hayley Marie, Claire, John G., Rod, Prem, Annie H., Ceri, Abi, Scott, Helen, Hilary, Jeannie, Elaine, Barbara, Shabeeh, John T., Cait, Andy, Steve I., Fran, John S. and Mary.

And now…it's over to the voters!



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